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"An individual needing a professional landscape designer would call upon Hunter and team because of there talent and creativity. Their capabilities are, of course, unparalleled -- but what makes the experience truly special is how he applies it based on a clientʼs needs and lifestyles. You won't say, "Now there's another IN/EX design." It will be distinctly YOUR special design, tailored by Hunter to your own dreams and ideas."

"And most as importantly... Hunter put me at ease. I was nervous before our first meeting. My household was chaotic, my yard was horrible, and what would this professional designer say when I told him I wanted my two big dogs taken into consideration in the design? What Hunter said: "I got it, I have four dogs. myself.”

Katherine I., client

Decorating a home sounded like such an adventure to me when we started our project. I quickly learned that the number of options and decisions that are involved can make the design project overly complicated and burdensome to the typical homeowner. We relied on Hunterʼs expertise to research the options and focus the suggestions on those that were most appropriate for our home and familyʼs lifestyle, saving us much time and energy and making the process more enjoyable for us.

Hunter was a delight to work with, always responsive to our needs and considerate of our tastes, yet providing an expert eye for making our home design and décor work and look its best. Our dream home is beautiful, thanks to IN/EX”

Elizabeth R., client Denver, Co.

Hunter brought the right feel and quality to the Celebration of Life for my ex-husbandʼs memorial service, important aesthetic issues and a difficult task with mixed emotions. He listened, and translated life and emotions into flowers and a memorable sensation completely appropriate for the venue.

L. Fanning
Associate Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art Nelson-Atkins Museum