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Across all cultures and time, flowers are associated with the key moments in our lives. They commemorate birthdays, weddings, retirements, funerals, and many other celebrations. They are embedded in our religious rights and ceremonies.

While flowers are time honored, they also honor time—blooming, bearing fruit, and fading with the change of seasons. The ephemeral nature of flowers and their aching immediacy help us to live in the present while honoring the past.

Swanky Bastard is a Boulder and metropolitan Denver full-service design studio which creates wedding flowers, floral arrangements, and gardens for home and office, special events and parties, and everyday appreciation. In our design for interiors and exteriors, we transform space into spirit infused with beauty and magic using flowers, aromatherapy, water, and other natural resources.

Swanky Bastard lead designer Hunter Keefer Margolf is noted for his ability to create bold, original statements with natural forms fashioned to delight the senses. His unique vision and sensitivity to form, color, and texture are informed by his formal education at the Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.